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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by IPadNParadise, Dec 6, 2015.

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    I am a beginner in DSLR photography. I have had a Macbook Pro for three years now and, with everyone, recently transitioned to Photos. Until I got into Photography, I was happy and had no problems. Still have very few. But I take photos of my two Shih Tzu puppies and there are some I want to print in 4 x 6 size. I cannot get the photo sized correctly in Photos, in Finder Preview (upon exporting) or on the print screen so as not to cut off the side or else the top of the photo. It looks fine before I ask it to print but it prints as a very unattractive chopped somewhere dog portrait. I have looked on the internet in general and cant find a solution to this.

    I have an HP 3520 deskjet wireless printer. I have El Capitan 10.11.1 on my MBP. Can anyone give me some advice as to how to set, IDK maybe aspect? If so, please keep it simple, I'm a retired person who didnt grow up with computers. Thank you for any help you can be.
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    You transitioned to an application named "Photos"? Do you mean iPhoto?

    You should double check the aspect ratio of the image should be (4x6) and make sure the printer isn't doing anything to the image. I would try putting a few images on a thumb drive or cd and printing them at costco or sams club and see if they're printing correctly there. Then you can rule out either the application or the printer.
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    Does your printer give you an option to print a 'full bleed' or 'borderless' picture? Or does your printer automatically create a border? My Epson printer gives me a choice in the Paper Size settings. You can also look for a button in your printer settings to 'Scale-to Fit' (or something along those lines.)
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    Just print from preview. In the printer settings, just select the paper size you want to use. You can then select border less or with a border.
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    Apple Print module gives you a lot of options and very easy to use. What I tell those who are older and that are using today's technology is to simply think about everything as if it is sitting on your desk. You have to tell the Printer what you are printing. After you have selected to print, Make sure that the "Show Details" is turned on (located in the corner left of the print screen). Click on "show Details" ...then Locate "Paper Size" in the middle of Print screen. Click the Paper size you want to print on.
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    Sounds like the aspect ratio of the photo you took does not match the aspect ratio of the paper you are using. Printing the mismatched image will result in a cropped photo.

    As others have suggested, when you try to print in Photos, set the paper size to 4x6 (a 2:3 ratio). If the photo doesn't fit without cutting some of the image out, it means the aspect ratio of the photo is not 2:3. You can go back and crop the photo to a 2:3 size to match the paper, then it should print fine. Since the ratios don't match the photo will have to be cropped in some way.

    Many cameras allow you to set the aspect ratio, so if you know you are going to be printing on 4x6 paper, you can set the camera so it gives you a 2:3 ratio to make your printing easier.

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