Need program to convert RM to MPG or MP4

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    If this topic has been addressed in another thread, please feel free to post the link here and close.

    Here's my situation. I have one 2-minute Real Media video that I need to convert to either MPEG or, preferably, MP4. I'm not interested in paying $40 for a piece of software I'll use only once, and all the shareware/trial versions I've found so far for both Mac OSX and XP (I have Bootcamp) either only do half the video or put a watermark on it or convert just the sound.

    So for OSX (I'm using an Intel duo) - or XP - can anyone suggest any software that will convert an RM video to MP4/MPEG, sound and image, that is either freeware or at least is a trial/shareware application that doesn't either do half the job or plaster the video with a watermark?

    Since I usually have absolutely no dealings or interest in Real Media, this is only a one-time situation as far as I'm concerned.


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    I think there is one setting in ffmegX that can do it. Open it up, drop your rm file onto it, and that setting should pop into the output field.

    Although the couple of times I've tried it out, the frame-rate has not been preserved accurately. :-(

    Screenrecorder app?

    Can you upload RM files to youTube, then re-rip them via

    Sorry not to have a straight answer, but there's a few ideas.

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    RM to MPG

    You need TMPGEnc located at and a way to convert RM to WAV or MP3. For this, you could use Real Player to burn to audio cd and then rip the audio cd or get Boilsoft RM to MP3 at which should have a demo. There are ways to get this software that I don't condone, but once you are able to convert the audio portion continue on below.

    To the Guide:

    Open TMPGEnc after extracting the files and you will be given a menu, click Next if NTSC is chosen under Video-CD, otherwise choose that and continue.

    In the Video File box, choose the location of the RM file, you may need to select All Files or use wildcards *.* or *.rm to find the file to be converted. If TMPGEnc doesn't allow you to open the file, then you may need Real Alternative found at and try again.

    In the Audio File box, choose the location of the audio file created before the guide and choose next.

    You will be given a menu of filters to apply to the video, they are self explanatory, but if you need help, look at guides for TMPGEnc. Assuming you aren't using any filter, click Next.

    You are now presented with the settings and stats for the MPG file to be created. If you are going to burn to disc or VCD, you need to follow this to make sure it will fit, otherwise, if you are just converting to the hard drive, then select unknown meda from the drop-down menu and click Next.

    Select the location and name of the output file and choose start encoding to do so, or if you are adding another file to convert, choose create another project and then click OK to start the encoding.

    Once the encoding is done, you have your MPG file which should be alright. If the audio and video is out of sync, try searching guides to fix this.

    Hope this guide helps you out! Everything is free except for the Boilsoft software, but there may be opensource or free software available, but the Boilsoft program worked great for me as many other converters get garbled sound.

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