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Need smallest, travel friendly, VESA mount for 24" LCD


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Feb 21, 2006
Hey guys,

Just a quick background... I am a freelance finance consultant and travel with my macbook pro 13" retina and my 24" ASUS 1920x1200 LCD screen. Anyone who uses Excel for many hours a day knows that no laptop screen will cut it - retina or not. I use Fusion for Excel almost full time on my LCD. The native resolution is required to avoid eye strain on retina. Even with the fusion updates, etc. you still have to use Excel on a monitor.

That being said, I travel on the plane with my LCD monitor as a carry on. I bought a great folio type case for it, and I just lug it on with my carry on bag. It looks like a giant art folio.

So what I need, or want to know if it even exists, is a super small VESA mount that I can hook into the monitor and just acts as a tripod using the monitor directly sitting on the table.

It has to be small enough to fit in my bag. Currently, I bring the monitor and just lean it against the wall of a desk, but as you can imagine it doesn't work very well.

Any help is appreciated!




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Jul 17, 2007
How about getting an engineering company to make a stand that mimics the original but with the ability for the 'foot' to fold back 270 degrees to lie flush with the upright?

The trouble with a tripod arrangement is getting enough support under the monitor's centre-of-gravity.



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Feb 27, 2014
S. Florida
I've looked high & low for something similar and come up empty-handed. I'd welcome any ideas or suggestions on this myself!


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Jan 31, 2005
So. UT
You don't need a VESA mount. Just prop the monitor up on something like this:


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Mar 21, 2014
I'm on the road a lot, hitting it again tomorrow...

We use a couple of Allcam TR940 floor stands, one Ikegami STD-1722 desktop stand (not cheap), and a couple of Marshall Desktop Vesa Mount Stands (this has pivot and tilt too). I think the Allcam stands were bought on Amazon and we got the desktop stands from Adorama.

What I really want to get is the VESA-compatible desktop stand that Wacom packages with its Cintiq 22HD, but I haven't seen it sold separately.

The Allcam and Marshall stands are solid and portable.


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Sep 19, 2003
Canada, eh?
Watching this thread with interest because I do something similar... sort of. I volunteer with a charity and one of my tasks is going to community fairs and other places where I set up a display booth with a retractable banner and brochures. I have created a digital photo/video frame by taking a 24" LCD monitor and velcroing a Raspberry Pi to the back of it. All I need to do is pop a bunch of videos onto a USB stick, plug it in, power it all up, and it loops the video all day long. Great stuff, but the temporary-ish tripod mount I fashioned out of wood is tacky and unreliable (the monitor has fallen down a couple of times... yikes!)

I like the tablet-holder idea, if I can find one inexpensively enough and solid enough to hold the equivalent of a 24" tablet..
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