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    Sep 21, 2010
    I am trying to view pictures and video stored on my Mac at home on the iPhone4 via local Wi-Fi and AT&T 3G. Assume a strong connection in both cases.

    So far I've tried Tonido and Pogoplug software without much success.

    I cannot get Tonido to do video under any circumstances.

    Video on Pogoplug is mostly a failure. Some videos will work over Wi-Fi but almost always there are problems such as audio dropping out, inability to FF/RW, failure to load, or locking up the app. I've tried several different formats as well as using Handbrake to encode into iPhone-friendly files. That's over Wi-Fi. Over 3G, no videos even start.

    Trying to view pictures on both Tonido and Pogoplug is slow on Wi-Fi and dog slow on 3G. Keep in mind these are reasonable size pictures, say 100K to 300K each. There's no reason that should be slow over 802.11N.

    Navigation in folders is okay, but for thumbnails is terrible. Typically the filenames are all the same like DSC-10301, DSC-10302, etc., so to find a specific picture requires looking at thumbnails which usually fails to load or locks up the application. If I want to show off a specific picture it's usually an embarrassing failure as I spend 5 minutes trying to find the damn thing among all the problems, only to have the app lock up in the end.

    One thing that would help a lot, which neither of these do, is to load the next picture in the background while the current picture is displayed, as well as to cache previously-viewed pictures locally so that returning to them doesn't trigger a slow reload.

    The problems I have with Tonido and Pogoplug make them essentially unusable, so basically I need a better way to accomplish this.

    Does anyone have a system that works quickly, smoothly, and problem-free? Video would be a nice bonus if they worked, but pictures are the critical aspect.

    Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, etc. all stream video to me just fine, so I know it's not the iPhone itself nor the connection.
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