Need software to burn multiple copies other than Toast

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    Hey. I am trying to find a program that will allow me to burn multiple copies of the same disc, one after another. Any program besides toast(takes waaayy too long on the lead-out). I have to burn 40 copies for a wedding. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    From OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard Disk Utility Help:

    Duplicating a CD or DVD
    You can use Disk Utility to quickly copy many types of CDs and DVDs.

    Disk Utility cannot create usable copies of discs with an incompatible format or discs that are copy-protected. (These include most commercial movie DVDs and audio CDs and some software and data discs.) To copy music from an audio CD to another CD, use iTunes, not Disk Utility.

    To duplicate a disc, you first create a disk image of the disc you want to copy, and then use that image to burn copies. To burn a disc, you need an optical drive in your computer or connected directly to your computer. You can’t burn a disc using a remote optical drive.

    To duplicate a CD or DVD:

    1. Insert the CD or DVD disc in the optical drive, and select it in the list at the left.
    2. Choose File > New > “Disk Image from [disc name].”
    3. Type a name for the disk image.
    4. Choose “compressed” or “read-only” from the Image Format pop-up menu.
    5. Choose “compressed” to create a smaller disk image. Choose “read-only” to create a disk image that’s quicker to create and open.
    6. Click Save.
    7. After Disk Utility creates the disk image, eject the original CD or DVD.
    8. Select the disk image in the list at the left, and choose Images > Burn.
    9. When the Burn Disc dialog appears, insert a blank CD or DVD, and then click Burn.

    You can continue using the disk image to create as many duplicate discs as you need.

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