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    Got a new Verizon iPad4 for Christmas. I have a Share Everything plan with them and had been very pleased with their LTE coverage for my iPhone. I figured it would be as good or better with the new iPad. That wound up NOT to be the case, the LTE on the iPad was 1/10th the speeds on the iPhone. Additionally for some reason, Verizon never could get it straight in their system that I was a SE customer, not a prepaid customer. I could never get service to the iPad for more than a couple of hours and then it would tell me I was out of data for the month(when I wasn't even close). After calling them 4 times in 5 days about the problem, I gave up and returned the iPad to the Apple store.

    My problem is that I don't know whether to get an AT&T iPad(we do now have LTE in the area) or go back to having a wifi only. If I go with an AT&T, are there any hidden fees that AT&T charges for a pre-paid account or is the service any different? I am not going to consistently need LTE service monthly, so I would also like to know if you can suspend service for month(s) at a time without charge.

    If I go with wifi(as my other iPads have been), I do have the option of tethering my Verizon iPhone with 2GB of data to the iPad. I know that probably will no be as fast and I've never used it, but it is a possible alternative

    Any experience/advice would be appreciated.
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    But with AT&T ,you can switch sims across borders
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    There are no hidden fees with the AT&T plan. It's $14.99 for 250 MB for 30 days. $30 for 3 G. I've never used all 250 MB within 30 days. You can suspend service at the end of the 30 days and not purchase additional data until you need it. No fees charged.

    In the past few months we've had a lot of power outages were I live. The data plan sure comes in handy at such times as you don't need a WiFi connection to purchase data.
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    iPad... WiFi or Cellular?

    Hey there,
    We bought a 3rd Gen iPad from Verizon only because Best Buy didn't have any at first. Verizon, without our OK switched our data plan to a more expensive plan, and would not switch it back when we complained. They also lied to us and said we were stuck with their service. We got a Sprint Hotspot, and are now able to use both the Verizon iPad and a new wifi only iPad Mini with the much less expensive Sprint service. I think the hotspot would cost $100 to purchase, but we got the device free when purchasing the Mini at Best Buy with a signup for the cheaper Sprint data package. Mostly we just use wifi. Use the hotspot only to take credit cards for our small business.
    Don't let Verizon or ATT tell you your'e stuck with their service because you purchased the iPad for their network! It just isn't so! Any WiFi iPad can be used with a hotspot so there is no need to buy a cellular enabled iPad!

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