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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by solideliquid, Nov 11, 2009.

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    Disclaimer - I love my 3GS. I had a 2G and then a 3G 8GB when released before I upgraded to the 3GS last June. Please be aware that I am in no way complaining about the actual device. This post is strictly about the horrible AT&T service in my area. I just moved here and can't, nor will I move because a provider refuses to upgrade their service/tower network.

    So I have an iPhone 3GS since launch and I recently moved to a new state (four months ago). My house is located within a rich 3G area as per AT&T's coverage map (below).

    Voice map

    3G map

    Even though the map shows I should have signal where I live, I don't. Half the time the phone shows NO SERVICE. The other half I have 1-2 bars of Edge and never 3G service where I live. This has been going on for four months and after repeated calls to AT&T about the service in my home I am done with AT&T. I want to cancel my service, even though I feel terrible that I no longer will be using an iPhone.

    So I call AT&T today and their response is basically "It's not our fault if you live in a pocket of signal loss" or something to that effect. They AT&T rep transferred me to a "customer service relations supervisor" who told me I could get a $45 credit toward a "mobile signal booster" available at Radio Shack.

    Any advice on how I can get out of my contract? It expires 7.01.11.

    P.S.>If I turn on 3G, every once in a while I will get one bar of 3G, but while using this to load data, I can watch my battery indicator drop a percent every 2 minutes or so. My phone is stock, BTW.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm assuming you want to be able to cancel your contract WITHOUT being charged a ETF? You have every right to, given that where you moved gives you no service for your phone.

    1) Keep calling and DO NOT waste your time with the entry-level tech support people who answer you. Make sure you take it upline, all the way to the admins and managers.

    2) TRY to be respectful and "civil", you have every right to be upset but don't alienate them with rudeness.

    3) BUT don't be a pushover. BE FIRM and make it clear you're not going to pay service for a company that can't give your phone a signal... And you're not going to pay an ETF either.

    4) Godspeed.
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    Oh almost forgot, this is a REALLY good thing to say:

    "You're putting me between a rock and a hard place, and that's not how you treat your customers who PAY YOU money. You're making me choose between keeping my contract and sub-par service with you, in which I get unacceptable signal strength, or canceling my contract and having to pay a fee that I shouldn't have to pay. I am not somebody trying to cancel my contract because I want to move on to a new phone for a different carrier. I am somebody who cannot get ANY use out of my phone with AT&T, so I'm forced to look elsewhere. If you cannot see the difference, I will report you to the Better Business Bureau."
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    This is good advice. Good luck, OP.
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    Another tip - if they still don't budge, tell them you want to take it to arbitration. Usually the manager doesn't want to deal with it and will just cancel the service.

    Even if you end up having to take it that far, things should go your way if you can show the horrible signal you get.
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    The other choice is try to push them for one of the Microcells and use that. It should solve your poblem

    Remember it is not pratical nor cost effective to cover every square in of an area due to land and building in the area. This is known as the last mile problem. The M-Cell solves a lot of this problem and should give you goo service at your house.

    Now the next question is if you walk out side how is the signal. If it is good out side your house then it is your houses design a problem.

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