Need some advice...NES worth Keeping or Sell?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by SteelBlueTJ, Nov 10, 2018.

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    I still have my original NES along with about 30 games for it sitting in a box in my attic. I can't imagine ever playing any of those cartridges ever again, at least on the original machine. It's been many years since I last tested it and even then, I had to fight with the NES just to get it to work. The only reason I kept it all these years was just the nostalgia factor, memories, and it was my Christmas gift when I was 6 in 1989. I did buy an NES Classic recently, but it lacks some of my favorite games. I am not a big gamer these days and I am moving soon, so I am trying to rid my life of unnecessary clutter. What do you think? Should I keep or sell the NES and cartridges? Any of you guys ever in the same boat? Thanks for any advice!
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    You can add games to it. Just do a search on YouTube.
    If you will never play them ever again, and you are not a collector, than why keep it? I would just sell it.
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    It is worth money depending on condition but will probably need a new cartridge slot to prevent it from not working properly. The vintage gaming stores by me all update the slot when they get a used NES in...

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