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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Jrnation109, Dec 2, 2014.

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    Sep 13, 2014
    Let me first start off by saying I am not the worlds greatest programmer. I have taken a few classes and am fairly good with C. I have made a few apps.. mostly by going through many tutorials to combine a bunch of features I wanted in my app.

    Now, I may be over my head. I am trying to create an app for my photography company I work for. I am trying to implement Haneke (GitHub) to handle all the image downloading and caching.

    Ideally, I would like to have the home screen load to a UICollectionView containing roughly 20 cells of images. I would then like to have a UIPageView so the user can "swipe" to the right to bring up another collection view. This would contain a bunch folders (displayed as an image) that when you click on them, would link to the final collectionview of all the images from that event. Basically, the launch screen is the highlight reel, swipe to the right to pull up all the folders for events.. click on an event to view all the images you want.

    The problem I am running into is trying to figure out how to implement a ColliectionViewController with a Pagecontroller... Again, I am fairly new to swift so please forgive me for being confused by this. I have tried asking for help on Stackoverflow but... that's a mean place for someone that isn't on the top of their game. I'm hoping macrumors will help me out better than stackoverflow.

    Thank you all in advance for taking the time to help me (I hope). ;)
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    Perhaps you can set up a regular view controller and then just add in a collection view into it. I can't imagine why you would not be able to use a UICollectionViewController, but that would also work. Set up a property for the view controller called "page index", and when the user swipes to page index = 1 (the second page), then just tell the collection view to load the next 20 images in some way. There's a lot of different ways I can think to do it.

    If you are getting some sort of problem, post the code so we can help with a specific issue.

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