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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by ataylor2009, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Been a while since my last post, but thanks in part to direction I received here my first app (RingFinger) has since been released into the wild.

    Got a new idea for an app and I need a little "go here, do this" guidance. I'm trying to figure out how (not nuts and bolts - more like high-level concept) to use location services to identify where a user is. In other words, if I opened MyNewApp on my iPhone, it would use location services to either pinpoint my location (i.e. "You are in The Home Depot on SH 249.") or at least narrow the choices (i.e. "Are you in The Home Depot at 11243 SH 249, 24-Hour Fitness at 11251 SH 249, or Dairy Queen at 11255 SH 249?")

    Is this something that's possible? Where do I need to be looking to uncover the appropriate APIs and/or 3rd-party services that would allow for this? Would there be a way to positively identify the user's location based on a local signal (i.e. WiFi when you walk in the building)?

    Again - not looking for someone to tell me how to write this app; just need some guidance on the approach to take when I get there. Thanks in advance.
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    You need to look into a (third party) reverse geolocation/revers geocoding API.
  3. ataylor2009, Nov 16, 2011
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    So the sequence after opening the app would be to use location services to determine the user's location, then forward that information to a 3rd-party app/service/API that would take the raw location information and turn it into the "you are here" plain-English data?
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    You might not even need a 3rd-party library to do the reverse geocoding. iOS includes MKReverseGeocoder (iOS 3.0 and later) or CLGeocoder (iOS 5.0 and later).


    Be sure to read through this guide: Location Awareness Programming Guide

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