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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by wickerman1893, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I'm a long time macrumors poster but new and curious about iphone/ipad development with a lot of ideas. Unfortunately I'm still only 17 and have not gotten the opportunity to learn much about it the language. I'm willing to teach myself and I have a few questions on getting started. Whoever can ask what question would be helpful.

    1. Do I have to learn C before objective C, Will it make it easier?
    2. Being new to programming, what's a good book, website to learn the very basics and terms.
    3. Would you ever recommend using Corona for iOS development or stick with Objective C?
    4. What are some basic tips for learning this new language?
    5. What did your first experience with programming turn out like? How did you familiarize yourself with the language?

    If you have any more useful tips or suggestions I would appreciate it. I'm trying really hard to start making some new apps.
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    Well, quite a few of your questions have been asked and therefore answered before. I'd recommend a search.

    But here we go:
    1) I'd highly recommend it. People who don't end up asking questions about why things work certain ways and make fundamental errors as they don't understand the basic foundation.
    2) No idea: I learnt at a very young age
    3) Never heard of it
    4) Logical though is essential. The ability to read, use and understand the documentation is key. Expect to get disheartened. A lot. If you can't get through that you'll pretty much fail.
    5) I taught myself to program BASIC on a Sinclair Spectrum when I was 7 or 8. I built lots of very small programs that did very little building knowledge over a long time. Each one did a little more than the last. None were in any way impressive apart from to me.
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    How do you think those guides/FAQs were compiled? :p

    1. Depends on you C is procedural, Objective-C 2.0 is object oriented. For some folks, the shift is a hard one to make in either direction.
    2. Depends on how you learn things and in what order. Personally I would recommend Kochan's Objective-C 2.0 book for those starting out with a goal towards Objective-C, then switch to C mid-stream
    3. Corona SDK is probably fine for some kinds of apps.
    4. Read, try, read some more, try again, read, ... just like any language. The difference is that there will be fewer resources to help you on your way.
    5. Been writing code since the late 70s, learned BASIC, LOGO, Pascal on various 8 bit platforms. Just read a lot and don't be afraid to try stuff.


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