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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Sam I Am, Jul 20, 2005.

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    Jun 5, 2005
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    My iBook came today, a day early!! I love it, I added an extra gig of RAM, and that went very smoothly. The iBook is really fast!!!!! I've only had two problems so far...

    The first has to do with Mail. I'd really like to use that program for email. I have an AOL account, and so I would be using that. I set it up earlier today, and it seemed to work well. But then I noticed that I couldn't send mail. I was receiving it, but I couldn't send it. How can I fix this? The other problem with Mail wasn't anything major like the first, but it did bother me a little. It doesn't display the senders' real names. It does show it for a few, but not most. I have it checked to "Use Smart Addresses". How can this be fixed?

    The other problem has to do with printing. I easily connected to my home network, but my Mac didn't find any printers. There are three printers connected to my network, and I need to use to of them. So I'd appreciate help on figuring that out.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Congratulations on the purchase. They're very cool machines, my personal favourite thing to come out of Cupertino.

    Check the outgoing SMTP settings. I'm not sure what AOL uses but maybe you mistyped it or something.

    Maybe quit Mail and then open it again. If I add an address to Address Book while Mail is still open, it wont update it in Mail to match the 'real names' until I reopen the app.

    How are the printers connected. My printer is wirelessly connected through AirPort and it was simply a matter of adding it from a list with the location listed as the Express's name. If you're sharing the printer from another computer, is that computer set up to share printers properly?

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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    Regarding the sending e-mail issue, you might also try changing the port from 25 to 26. Sometimes port 25 is blocked (for security reasons, I think) and will time out trying to connect to send.

    I had this problem recently, myself, when setting up a relative's for a relative.

    To make the change:
    1. In, choose Mail->Preferences...,
    2. Choose Accounts and high-light the account that is not working in column on left,
    3. Choose "Server Settings..." under the out-going mail section, and
    4. Here you can change the out-going mail port.

    I'm not sure whether making this change can, itself, cause problems, but if port 25 is blocked I'm not sure what other choice you have.

    Good luck!

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