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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jmdeegan, Mar 1, 2010.

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    I have a challenge before me, and every time I think I am reaching an acceptable conclusion, I change my mind...

    I've had an iPhone since the beginning. Never cared about the expensive contract, because it's always been a business line so I've expensed it. Now, I am in a new job which requires me to carry a blackberry, and expensing the iPhone is no longer an option.

    My challenge is this. After having it so long, the number is out there for the world to reach me at--recruiters, independent customers, family and friends etc. And, I am very fond of the phone.

    I know I could park the number at one of the sites, for 15 bucks a month, and get voicemails emailed to me--this would be fine, because that is one concern, making sure I get messages. But then I must move to texting on the blackberry, which is not so fun...

    I thought I could turn the iPhone into a pay-as-you-go deal, but that would require me to change the phone, which would be a pain--carrying the blackberry and iPhone is enough, and whatever I do decide to do, I am going to use the iPhone at least as an iPod.

    I could of course switch the number to someplace like MetroPCS, but then I am dealing with the same issue as above-a 3rd phone/device.

    The one option that honestly would probably solve my issue is if Google Voice actually had line number portability in place, that way i could keep the number, recieve my notifications and do texting via emails and such. I'd miss the iPhone a little less that way.

    So....without adding a 3rd device....anyone know the best way to keep my cell number and the functionality but at less than $100 a month?

    Honestly it's beginning to look like I am parking the number and biting the bullet on texting with the blackberry....but i figured i'd check here first for ideas.

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    wish i could, but per the company, thats not an option.

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