Need some ideas on software for a 7yr old with a Power Mac G4

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Flybye, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Hi all. I gave my son a G4 with a 400mhz CPU with AGP ATI card, & upgraded it to 1.25gb of ram, 80GB HD, DVD drive and installed Tiger on it..

    I have a decent number of freeware on it, but am looking to see if you guys can provide me with any other sites/ideas I may have missed. I'm looking for anything from creativity (drawing, etc) to learning/educational games and standard fun games. I'm even open to more advanced free stuff that I can put on the computer for him to read and learn. I've been trying to teach him basic derivatives. :D

    If there is a store with cheap software that runs on the G4s, do please share. :)

    FYI, the G4 is not connected to the internet, so no online games please.
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    I highly suggest some of the games by PangeaSoft, particularly Bugdom and maybe Nanosaur and Otto Matic. The first two were actually included with Macs from that era. The games are fun, look great (considering their age) and are kid-friendly. While the target age is probably lower, I enjoyed playing them even up into my mid-teens.
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    Canada, eh?
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