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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by mkaake, Mar 5, 2008.

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    For the last year - year and a half - or so, I've been using iWeb for all of my websites (they're all pretty basic, but more importantly, my wife can make her websites with an Apple interface, which is a *big* bonus for her), and I've taken a fair amount of time to work around some of its... limitations. Of the self-imposed variety. Like having multiple websites destined for different domains...

    Anyway, during the course of this work, I threw together a little application that goes through and cleans up the html files that iWeb generates, by correcting URL's (if you've tried using RSS through iWeb with anything other than Apple's default directory structure on your server, you'll understand what I'm talking about), editing some meta tag information, and doing the same with the RSS files. The end result is RSS that actually works... until now.

    iWeb 2 broke a lot of the behaviors of iWeb 1 (some that I'm still trying to cope with... not happy about a few of them :mad:), but introduced some nice features. Of particular interest is the new ability to have people subscribe to your photo pages. Unfortunately, all of the photo pages are now done with a fair bit of behind-the-scenes-scripting - and javascript is one of the things I haven't had time to learn.

    That's a lot of talk to explain my problem: I've got several photo pages on my website, and if you click on the 'subscribe' link (or the RSS feed, for that matter), it almost works. Subscribe will open iPhoto, and begin the subscription process, and show the correct number of photos from the subscription. However, none of the photos will download, and none of the thumbnails appear.

    If you click on the RSS feed, none of the thumbnails work, but the link to the picture exists and is functional.

    I've looked through the RSS feeds, and can't find a problem there (I must be, otherwise the thumbs would be showing up) - and I've tried looking in to the subscribe link, but get lost in the .js world pretty quick.

    Any chance you folks can help?

    An example is this photo page:
    with media in this folder:
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    Mar 7, 2008
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    Check your server rules for ftp

    Some servers still require that the url be entirely lowercase (no CAPITAL letters whatsoever). So, in iWeb when you publish the site to your folder (File -> Publish to Folder...) and you get the popup window, you need to make sure that the URL that you enter in the "Enter the URL for you site" blink at the bottom is identical to the server space that you are uploading to, AND all in lowercase. For example, if you server space URL is:

    you should enter this URL in the blink as:



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