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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by evoluzione, Sep 30, 2005.

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    i'm having a bit of a senior moment, and need some's been years since i set up networks and such.

    so here's the set up... i have a Linksys wireless b router (BEFW11S4) which i connect to wirelessly with my TiBook, and also wired with my G4DP (among other things). i have just bought another router, the Linksys WRK54G, which is a wireless g version. I have two TiVo's (just bought a second) that connect to the wireless network along with the TiBook, so the wireless-b is fine (as i think the TiVo's only have USB1.1 connections, to which the wireless network cards are attached). I also have about 5 devices that need a wired connection, and both routers only have 4 ports.

    here's the question...i'd like to keep both wireless networks going, as i want to keep the b devices separate from the g network ('cause doesn't a g network drop to b speeds if there's a b device on it?). I'd also like to piggyback the old router off the new g router so i can plug all the wired devices in at the same time. so, how do i do this??? i got the g hooked up ok, i think, but what do i need to do with the old b router? i can hook it all up like i want right??

    sorry for the long question...oh, i'm running X.4.2 on all computers that connect to the routers btw, not that that has much to do with it all....

    thanks in advance!
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    Unless I'm not understanding something (which is possible--it's been a long day), you should be able to plug the B router's internet port into your new router as any other wired device. Then you just leave all the settings alone assuming that you have both routers working independently. The B router will simply act as a PC or Tivo connected to the G router.

    It'll be easiest to have the B router and the G router on separate subnets, mostly because the router IP will often default to when reset, and you don't want two routers fighting over that IP, so if possible on one router, you should change its IP to something different. I use discrete subnets on setups like this, with one router's computers getting, say and the other, or to make things even easier, 192.168.50.x and 192.168.51.x.

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