Need Suggestions, 2.8 or 3.06???

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Getinkedtattoos, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Jan 17, 2009
    Chicago Il.
    OK, here's the deal, in the next few days I am going to buy a new iMac the problem is I don't know which to buy, Apple has a 24" iMac 3.06 GHz, 2.0 GB, 500 GB HDD, Nvidia GeForce 8800 upgrade (Refurb) or do I just get the 24" 2.8, 2.0 GB, 320 GB HDD, ATI Radeon HD (NEW) They are comparable in price I think the Refurb is $100.00 More @ $1,899.00 I have NEVER spent anywhere even close to this much money on a computer before and just want to make sure I make the right decision. I am upgrading from a G4 Powermac 733 MHz, 1.25 GB, 60 GB HDD... Yeah!! So, no matter what I do it will be a stellar improvement over my current Mac Relic. I don't really know what constitutes a power user but I am on my computer 10-12 hours a day, I download sometimes 30 X 300-700 MB files daily, as well as upload several files. I will many times be running iTunes Syncing my iPhone, using Zipeg to un-RAR files, Pandora Radio in the background, while using Gimp to edit my tattoo designs (I'm a Tattoo Artist) All simultaneously. Obviously my G4 has trouble, suprisingly though she chugs along and with the occasional beachball of death finally finishes. However I want to learn Photoshop and other programs as well as home movie editing etc. So, does anyone have any opinion on what I should do?? Does anyone know of somewhere that I could get a far better deal?? I just don't want to make a 2 thousand dollar mistake. Please let me know if I'm missing something here, or at least which option I should go for. Also, how do I know how old the refurb model is? Is it that important, if it is in fact last years model? Thanx in advance for any help anyone can give.
  2. rhyx macrumors 6502

    Jan 15, 2008
    A new iMac is coming out soon. You should wait to see what that offers before you decide.
  3. Fuchal macrumors 68020

    Sep 30, 2003
    yes at this point you should certainly wait it out another few weeks.
  4. mcpryon2 macrumors 6502a


    Dec 12, 2008
    I dunno, yes the new models are coming out shortly, but the current refurbs are still pretty nice machines. I had the 24" 2.4GHz refurb (with the Radeon 2600 PRO) for $1299 and it was a great machine. I upgraded the RAM myself. I used Final Cut Studio 2, Photoshop, and Pro Tools 8 on it with great results.

    A friend bought it from me, and when I was deciding what to rebuy last week I kept coming back to the refurb iMacs. I ended up getting a unibody MBP on Amazon since I need a laptop.

    Yes, you could get a better machine if you wait for the new iMacs, but do you really need something more powerful and at full retail price? And do you need a new machine now?

    I would probably suggest the $1549 (2.8GHz with 256MB GPU) refurb because it'll be such an improvement over your current machine, without breaking the bank. I don't think you'd benefit enough to make up the difference in price to get the $1899 refurb (3.06 with 512MB GPU). You definitely want a 24", though, that's for sure.

    If you get a refurb now, or wait and get a new one when the updated models come out, you WILL get a better machine. I'd say at this point the main question is when do you need it? Then how much more do you want to pay to get the new one if you decide to wait?
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    Apr 9, 2008
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    I just ordered a refurb'd 24" 2.8GHz for $1549, thought it was a decent deal, thought about the 3.06GHz one, but decided for the 2.8GHz plus a 32GB 2nd Gen iPod. It's supposed to show up on Wed, I'll check back and let you know what I think of it, I'm upgrading from a 17" 2.0Ghz C2D iMac I'll let you know how the 2 compare.
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    in response to the post about waiting for the new model: I just read in another post about the new models coming out for iMac and Mac Mini, however their seems to be a lot of inconsistencies as to when they are actually going to be released. How I WISH that Apple would just announce when they were planning on releasing their new models, although that would be a disaster on THEIR end from a marketing prospective because EVERYONE currently in the market would wait and sales would bottom out as users waited for new models. I wish their were some way to inform Mac users when without hurting sales, but I fear that will never happen... Anyway, I have always had a problem with waiting for something after I have already set my mind to do something or in this case buy something, Especially with it being a Mac. I guess if there were a way of knowing for sure that the new models would be out within the next month then I would definitely wait, however what happens when I wait, and wait, and wait only to find out that their not being released until June/July?? I know I definitely don't have 5 months of waiting in me. I guess at least if I do get a refurb then I would feel so jilted when the new model is released because in any case their will have been no way to get a refurb of the "NEW" Model, so at least I will be able to seek solace in the fact that I saved money going with the refurb. I think I am going to go ahead with the 3.06, just because when they do finally release the next model, and if the processors and video cards are improved upon, (which I think we can be certain of) at least then the gap between what I have and what I "Could have had" won't be so devastating. I am constantly being kicked in the butt by my inability to just have a bit of patients. I can already tell you beyond performance upgrades, the one single thing that I am SURE to be disappointed in if it comes to pass is cosmetic changes. If they release the next model and it just screams SEXY (not that the current model doesn't, but...) That will be the feature that really gets my goat!!!

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