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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ohsnaphappy, Nov 2, 2016.

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    Right now I run HDMI from my Apple TV (3rd gen) to a GORGEOUS projector and digital audio out to my surround sound. My surround sound is an older Panasonic "home theater in a box" that's not great, but fine AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I have all my wires hidden in the baseboards.

    Finally ordered the new Apple TV. Didn't want to, hate the loss of the digital audio out. So what do I do now? If I get a nice receiver I can't use my Panasonic speakers right? I assume they have proprietary connectors just for my current "home theater in a box." Which means I need new speakers too. Which means I have to rip up my baseboards and run new wires.

    So what would you do. I'm willing to spend $1000, but would prefer to spend as little as possible haha! AAAAAAND I'd really really like white speakers if I have to get new speakers haha!

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    Mar 26, 2007
    HDMI audio extractor with HDMI in/out and digital audio out. :)
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    That's right. About $20-$40. I did this myself (though feeling Apple should have built digital audio AND analog stereo out into the "4" to cover just these kinds of bases + "zone 2" needs).

    However, odds are high that the wires are "normal" speaker wires. Sure, they may have proprietary connectors but if it ever comes down to it, you can probably nip off those connectors and use them as normal speaker wires. If you have any spare wire or if you can trim the cover back a bit, see if you can see basically 2 runs of copper per connector- just like plain speaker wire.

    And, you might be able to use your Panasonic speakers with a new receiver but it will be important to do some research to see what they can handle... and then set up receiver settings appropriately. If the Panasonic speakers are Bose-like small, they'll likely have some limits to what they can actually play, so you have to be careful when you switch to a regular receiver.

    But, MikeatOSX came up with the cheapest, easiest solution for your situation.
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    simon lefisch

    Sep 29, 2014
    You can still use your speakers which most likely have a proprietary connector at the end. Just cut the connector off and use the bare wire with the receiver.

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