need to buy this week new air vs pro

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by macdaddypapi, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Apr 7, 2013
    My macbook from august 2009 finally totally crapped out. thought it may last a little longer but I guess two years of probably not the best treatment in college and two and a half in the Caribbean including a year in a hot dusty small town isnt too bad. I was waiting for the wwdc to buy as I can still get about 30 minutes until it shuts down on me.

    My initial thought was to preclude the air as part of me would like a cd drive and the lower memory, but now I think I'm leaning towards it. For some reason I was under the impression I had 250 gb on this one but its only 150 so the 128 really wouldnt be that much different.

    I mainly use the computer for the web (I do always have multiple tabs open) occaisonally to watch videos/movies. I have dabbled in video editing with imovie. I also every now and then will play a game on it. I do have a tendency to leave things like word/preview/itunes open. The truth is I really don't take it around with me all that much anymore so portability isn't a huge factor for me. These are the questions I have to help me shore up my decision. Is the processor speed really that important? The things I'm reading say between the SSD and Turbo boost, the air is running just about as fast as the pro. I guess looking at the numbers it seems like a significant difference.

    What about the SSD dead section thing after being written over a lot? Let's say honestly with uploading pictures, then moving them to an external, downloading movies and moving them over and normal use, will I start to lose space in 2 years? 3 years? 5 years?

    What about moving the itunes library over to an external? Is this going to give me smooth function. My thought would probably be to keep the stuff I listen to fairly frequently on the computer and move the rest to my 1 tb external. Am I going to get problems within the library? This was my initial real reason for excluding the air but the more I've read about SSD and the air the less it has weighed on my decision.

    What about a time campsule? That would probably be a christmas present type of thing, but do you guys have good experiences with them?

    And finally a question about RAM. Thought its probably more than I really need (I've been getting by more or less pretty well with the occasional slowdown on my 2 gb) I would probably just go for the 8 gb upgrade to future proof myself a bit. Am I thinking right here?

    And finally are things like keyboard protectors and protector sleeves really worth the money? After having this thing just not turn on one day and constantly dying on me, I plan on treating whatever new one I get like a baby.
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    256GB Macbook Air. You will want your whole iTunes library local, otherwise things get messy.

    4GB RAM is sufficient, i've never felt the need for more. Paging to the SSD is quick and with 10.9 the new memory compression should reduce the need for more RAM.

    Apple wouldn't have the "high end" $1400 +tax MBA come with "only" 4GB if they didn't think it was enough ;)
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    This hasn't been a significant concern for a while. Yes, in the early SSDs. Today, it'll last at least as long as the typical hard drive, probably much longer. The usage you describe is pretty light-duty.

    Can't speak to personal experience with the thing, although I'd be happy to have one if I needed it or someone gave it to me for Christmas (my current router is fine, I have a wi-fi printer, and a Firewire drive for backups). It doesn't sound like you have several computers that could share a networked backup drive, and I don't know if you need a wi-fi router at all. My advice? Don't put off your backups until Christmas. Even if you get yourself a present 6 months from now, at least hang a cheap USB hard drive off your 'puter in the meantime, and fire-up Time Machine.

    That's my thinking, too. Maybe the Flash (SSD) is fast enough that sticking with 4GB won't be a problem for you, but for just $100, I think it's worthwhile to future-proof. RAM always seems to become inadequate several years before the rest of the computer is obsolete.

    Protector sleeve? For sure. If you carry it around, make sure it's padded. Keyboard protector? That's up to you. I think it's like plastic covers on the living room sofa. The upholstery does last a long time - nobody wants to sit on it. But if you find a protector that feels OK as you type, why not?
  4. sick z33 macrumors 6502

    Sep 20, 2008
    Well said by everyone in here. I would recommend the Time Capsule along with the purchase - backups are important :)
  5. macdaddypapi thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 7, 2013
    thank you guys for the words of firmly decided on the air over the pro. think i will do the 8 gb. and yes i will backup on a usb. i do think 256 is out of my price range now, but think i can get by with 128. im down to about a lil under 100 now with the majority of my pictures moved over and all of itunes still on the computer i have.

    the problem is its not here yet, I teach english and live in Colombia, could be as long as three months before theyre on shelves here. i may get a friend whos at home now to bring me one back. i just dont see the intelligence in going with a basic pro as it looks to me as they may discontinue it.
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    Not true.

    I have a massive iTunes library and many new Apple laptops, iPods, iPads, and a couple of iPhone 5's.

    My entire library resides on my server and works flawlessly. I'm free to load anything I want on the devices I use.

    Google is your friend, it's easy to setup.

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