Need to cut a file into a bunch of individual clips


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Oct 21, 2005
I've been asked by a friend to help her make a music video using scenes of her kids. She's given me about a dozen video file which she wants me to cut up into individual useful segments. I tried using iMovie and I got the clips set up, but can't see a way to save them as their own files easily. Using share takes forever to have to rename them and all.

Is there any program that I should use or any hints on how to do this? I need to finish it quickly, and I don't really want to invest any money into it. Any free or shareware app that would be useful for just splitting one clip into multiple?



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Mar 17, 2005
aricher said:
QT Pro is much cheaper than time splitter and does the same thing. It will also let you use full screen mode with any QT movie.
I totally agree, go with QuickTime Pro!