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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by chrisandersen, Aug 30, 2016.

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    Sep 6, 2008
    I have two Web sites for my company. The oldest one was made with Microsoft Frontpage. I haven't updated it in years. The last time, i removed most of the pages and added links to the newer Web site that I am using Rapid Weaver. Every now and then, someone will find an old page with Google and call me wanting the prices on which are very old (I hard coded the prices on the page). The old pages are at the top of most Google searches, so that I don't want to loose that. Another issue is that the two sites are hosted by two different hosting services.
    I want to get rid of the old site but not loose the google links (if that makes sense). If they go to that page, they are directed to my new site.
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    You may be able to use an .htaccess file to redirect visitors from the old site to the new one.


    Good luck.
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    You could also wrap all of the content you don't want seen in comment tags and rewrite and then display only the new/temporary content.

    I would eventually start thinking about a way to get visitors to the new site or site pages that shows what you want the site visitor to see. That might mean just creating new pages with the more relevant and current content and eventually Google will rank that/those page/pages higher than your outdated ones. Then you can phase the old stuff out.

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