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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Soultosoul, Feb 26, 2016.

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    I put this under ios but an OSX solution is okay too. I know this has been asked before but using the search function on an ipad2 is brutal. Everytime I scroll, the page reloads. So I gave up.

    I need a way to create/edit documents with Pages where I can edit the doc at work using Word, and vice-versa. My current system is to create on pages, export it to a word document, copy it to a flash drive, and take it to work and edit. This actually worked once out of many tries so I'm looking for help. I have a couple big projects coming up and need to work at home too.

    The subscription to office 365 seems to accomplish this? Not a fan of subscription but if that's the only way then so be it. Have read reviews on here about Word for ipad (you can view/edit documents). This might work, but how do you transfer them back and forth? Is this through a cloud service or email them to yourself? If you save them to icloud, or icloud drive (haven't ever looked at exactly what this is), can you access them from a pc and view them? Same question for the other cloud services, can you view/edit with either system. I've never used Excel/Numbers or Keynote but might also need to with these projects.

    I currently have an ipad2 and a mac mini. Will be upgrading the ipad, probably to the new Air 3 (or whatever it will be called) or possibly an IPP but that won't be for a couple months yet. I do understand that with the IPP the 365 subscription is the only option.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I vote for the OS X solution to your quest. I'm in a similar situation, where at work all colleagues use MS Office on Windows. I work a lot at home on my iMac and used to use Office 2011. The compatibility is not perfect, especially if I need some Mathtype equations with special symbols. For more conventional text processing, I never encountered major issues. But opening large documents on the Mac (Word, Powerpoint or EXCEL) takes much more time than on Windows.

    Therefore, I now mainly use Windows in a virtual PC (Parallels or VMWare). Windows is installed on a Bootcamp partition on an external SSD drive connected by Thunderbolt, or on my Macbook on a second partition on the native SSD. Booting Windows from the SSD is quite fast.

    I also have an iPad Pro and tested Office 365. For the tests I just used e-mail for exchanging documents. I found that the iPad version works well for viewing documents, but I could never be productive with editing those on the iPad. Selecting text is just to cumbersome without a mouse.
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