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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Macmatrix1, Jul 24, 2019.

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    Do you have the budget for the 2019 model? If so, then wait for that to be released this fall.

    If you don't have the budget or can't wait then you really should post what your budget is.

    The 2012 is definitely not a good purchase at this point. Unless you want to hack it (never a good idea for a work machine) then you'll be stuck on Mojave with CPUs that are potentially vulnerable to MDS attacks (they're so old that Intel won't release patches). At a minimum you'd need to disable hyperthreading, which would definitely affect video editing workflows. And even then, I think the CPU(s) would still be somewhat vulnerable.

    The trashcan is also a poor value. Yes, way overpriced and furthermore, it's five years old now and will only be supported in future macOS versions for maybe two more years. It's also not really upgradeable, aside from memory and SSDs. Its biggest issue is that it uses custom GPUs. They've had reliability issues in the past and you can't really upgrade them (just replace with the same thing). eGPU is currently an option, but only via a hack that Apple could disable at any time.

    What about the iMac Pro? Or if you need to go cheaper you could consider a Mac Mini or 5K iMac with an eGPU to get better NLE performance.
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    Your question is worded a little ambiguously. First you say "my company" and then you say "they are adamant about it." So do you own the company or are you working for somebody else? If the former, then you are spending your own money and you do need to worry about cost. If you are an employee, then presumably you are spending your boss's money. Why lost sleep over that? If your boss is going to be troubled by a $1400 outlay then you're working for a true skinflint, he's much more likely to congratulate you for your frugality. So if it is his money, then by all means for the better machine. And go for the one which will last the longest: the Mac Pro is likelier run new operating systems longer into the future so obsolesce won't be such an immediate worry. So if you are an employee and this purchase is not going to come out of your own hide, then I say go for the Mac Pro.
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    Not necessarily. You didn't say what your budget is.

    What video editing software does your company use?

    Providing specific details about your budget and use case will get you better recommendations.
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    I’d go iMac 5K.
    I would avoid the trashcan.

    For production environment the cMP is stupid from a warranty and support side.

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