Need to make audio file from video - help!

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by c23roo, Jun 3, 2008.

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    I have a question I need some help with.

    My wife has recorded a video of a musical performance, and now she wants to use the song as an audio file in a slideshow she's creating. So essentially, she needs to download the video and export it as an audio file (I think).

    I am not able to be sitting by the computer with her - can someone help walk me though this, step by step?

    She has a Sony DV-10, and will transfer to our Mac Pro. This will be our first time transferring video to this computer, so I'm not sure what to tell her to expect at each step. I'm sure it would seem intuitive were I there at the computer, but trying to help remotely when I haven't done it before is difficult!

    Thanks for your help in advance...


    PS I did try searching here to no avail...
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    Dec 28, 2008
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    You can also just export the file as "sound as aiff, wave, and au". To do this just use QuickTime.
    1. Open the video file in QuickTime
    2. Go to File>Export
    3. Choose "Sound to AIFF" where it says Export.
    4. Define where you would like the file to be save. (Steps 2 and 3 can be done in any order.)

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