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    I have an unusual problem. I have spreadsheet (I have both Numbers and Excel) that I need to add a column of data to from another text file. This spreadsheet and text file contain 18,237 entries. The spreadsheet has columns A-F occupied with data for all 18,237 entries. What I want is to import the other file's 18,237 into column G of the spreadsheet. The file is currently saved as a text file and each entry begins with a '>' symbol. What's the easiest way to merge these?
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    If I understand your question correctly, you should be able to open the text file, Command-A to select all, Command-C to copy. Then go to G1 of the spreadsheet and Command-V to paste. If the ">" at the beginning of each line is a problem, you can find and replace that with nothing (to get rid of it), or replace it, adding a single quote in front, to make Excel treat it as text. Do that in the text file before you copy and paste to the spreadsheet. Let me know if I didn't understand the scenario. Screen shots might help to visualize.

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