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    I'm asking, but I'm doing some looking and searching as well, just getting conflicting info. I've got a gmail address for the App Store purchases. I've got an iCloud address I use for email/calendar/photostream/documents/etc. if like to use one address for everything. Is there any reason I need an iCloud email address? Or would a gmail address do everything if that's my Apple ID?

    If I can use the gmail, what's my best way to sync my current calendar/photostream/documents/reminder/etc to the gmail address I already use for App Store/iTunes purchases. I understand I can't merge, so how would I transfer the info? Can I just logout of my ipad, login with the gmail address and it will sync the info from my ipad to the gmail iTunes account? I'm trying to be certain I don't lose anything I need.
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    Yes, for the most part, but make sure everything has been synced with your computer first. One exception is that your PhotoStream shared sets will likely need to be manually set up again.
    Suggested workflow:
    1. iTunes Sync your Photos, Contacts, Reminders, Calendar, and other iPad contents with your computer.
    2. iTunes Backup your iPad to your computer.
    [Note: Sync and Backup do different things.]
    3. Copy the iCloud Drive folders of your computer into a duplicate folder outside the iCloud Drive folder on your computer to create a backup.
    4. iCloud Sign Out on both iPad and computer.
    5. iCloud login on iPad using gmail account and flip on each service you want active.
    6. iCloud login on computer using gmail account.
    7. Give each device some time to equalize.
    8. iCloud Drive on computer copy over folders from the duplicate you made if stuff is missing.

    Keep your other iCloud account's contents online for a month to allow you time to notice if things are wonky or missing before deleting.
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    Thank you.

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