Need to recover an app "folder" after sync!!

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  1. PPJ0189 macrumors newbie

    Aug 21, 2012
    Hi everybody!

    I need urgent help with a small problem that happened yesterday...

    I backed Up my ipad which is currently on software 5.1.....
    The thing is I hadn´t backed up for quite a while so I left it overnight backing up and syncing...

    Next morning I wake up to realize that apparently everything is there EXCEPT for only one of those "organizing folders" you make, which I had named "note and drawing apps".

    As you may assume I had Penultimate, Notability and Note Taker HD on it, along with a whole bunch of my study and medicine class notes, which I NEED! I also had Paper by fiftyThree and Sketchbook express with a lot of sketches, designs and drawings...

    Giving a flick over the other apps, all my other "folders" are there, and I don´t miss any other app (Maybe some others were erased but I don´t know, as there are some apps you never I dont remember them all...)

    At first I thought maybe the folder was "desintegrated". But actually all of those apps are not in the ipad anymore...they were removed....Added to this, it seems they are not in my app section from itunes...

    Please help!....I know I can download the apps again without charge from the appstore but I want to recover my notes and sketches!!

    I don´t know if I want to make a "restore from backup" kind of thing because I donpt know if it will be worse...

    Waiting for your fast (and thankfully solving :) ) response ....
    Thanks to everybody!
  2. ipsychedelic macrumors 6502a


    Mar 8, 2012
    You only chance might be to either have an old backup.. backed up somewhere and then use that to recover the app data OR if the apps have iCloud sync enabled and you had it turned on.

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