Need to restore iP4...on 4.2.1...

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    Unfortunately I'm having issues with my iP4 and I think I may have to restore. The glitch yesterday with iCloud and MobileMe (it went down/had issues, causing many to get username/password errors on iCloud for a couple of hours). Now anytime I try to use, or access the settings for Mail on my iP4 it hard reboots. argh..

    It's been quite some time since I've gone through the restore and/or JB process, or even looked diligently here at the 'iPhone hacks' section. I briefly upgraded to 4.3.3, but then downgraded back to 4.2.1 (early when 4.3.3 came out). Been happy with 4.2.1 for quite a while.

    My current iP4 setup: 1.59.00 baseband, 4.2.1 iOS. Mac running 10.7.2 with iTunes 10.5. Have SHSH blobs saved for all versions in between 4.0.1 to 4.3.5. No SHSH blobs for 5.0 or 5.0.1.....

    I'm not oblivious to searching and Googling. I've found that my options are....restore to 4.2.1 or 4.3.3 (and a few revisions in between) and I can stay untethered.

    Or, I could do 4.3.5 (tethered) or maybe even 5.0.1 (tethered). Am I interpreting this right??? On the iP4, I could have 1.59.00 baseband, use 5.0.1, still jailbreak (but it'd be tethered).

    It would be great if I could get to 5.0.1 JB'n (even if tethered), so that I could take advantage of the iCloud features. Even if it means I'd lose the unlock option on this iP4. I just bought an iPad 2 with AT&T GSM---and now seriously considering hanging on to this iP4 until the iP5 or whatever it is (since the iP4S is just a small iPad with the advantage of Siri). If I have to update the biggie....I can pass this iP4 to another user on my AT&T no real need for resale or the unlock in the next year at least....

    Thoughts, ideas, any guidance from those more experienced in all this on which version to go to (or just stay on 4.2.1)?

    Thanks in advance!
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    As far as I know, u r unable to downgrade using blobs once u are on anything above 5.0, like I said, AFAIK. Good luck with this issue, u may end up needing it of what I said is indeed true. Again, I'm almost positive.
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    I also have a iPhone 4 with 1.59.00 baseband, and have moved back and forth between 4.21, 4.33, and 5.x without any problems, and maintaining the 1.59.00 baseband thoughout. Use the iClarified tutorials for each move. For example, when you want to move to 5.0.1, follow:

    Personally, I recommend either 4.33 with untethered jailbrake (the last 4.x iOS that can be jailbroken), or 5.01 with tethered jailbreak. 5.x feels a bit faster to me than 4.33. Obviously, its nice to have untethered over tethered, but I can live with tethered until there's an untethered jailbreak for 5.0. To each their own.

    I've avoided iCloud and remained on MobileMe, given the occasional posts about flakiness for iCloud early adopters. I tend to wait until a few revs, before migrating to a new platform, and iCloud is no exception for me. In the meantime, try syncing though iTunes via your Mac/PC locally, and under the "Info" tab of your phone when your phone is connected to iTunes, disable the syncing checkboxes. That's worked well for me.


    Also, if you're on 5.0 now, first try this before downgrading, so you can keep 5.0:

    1) connect your iPhone to iTunes, and deselect the syncing options under the info tab
    2) delete your Mac mail account on your iPhone
    3) sync your phone with iTunes
    4) add your Mac mail account back on your iPhone

    I suspect it should work now. Try avoiding iCloud for a little longer.
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    Thanks for the replies, and the great detail on your experience headcase. Haven't done much of anything yet (save for rebooting a lot and syncing several times).

    I have also been looking at the iClarified site, along with the Dev Team's, and the Big Boss site...just to name a few.

    The only reason I'm contemplating the 5.0.1 for the iP4 is for iCloud. My iPad came with 4.3.5 (it's a 3G version), so it was never JB'able. I updated it to 5.0, then to 5.0.1. Also updated my Mac Mini to 10.7.2 to get iCloud working to the iPad 2. A big mistake as it turns out. All three devices are my 'business' it's kind of important everything is working, although I don't 'have to' have my iCloud email on my iP4.

    But everything was working, at least for several weeks...even with the Mac Mini and iPad being at the latest Apple software and on iCloud, with my iP4 (on 4.2.1) MobileMe email was still working, iCal syncing, Contacts, etc....up until the iCloud issue yesterday. I'm still hoping to 'get back there'.....but that's fading.....

    On my iP4, now after several hard boots and syncs with iTunes, anytime I try to add the email address, it will only set up for Find My iPhone (no email account shows up in the iP4, in other words, but my other two email addresses are now working fine...instead of crashing/rebooting the A bit of progress. FWIW, I've even tried some of the 'manual' methods of directly entering the IMAP info for the iCloud setup. But, that's when it starts hard rebooting when it tries to 'verify' the settings.
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    Hmm... that's a head scratcher. Time for process of elimination. Try to see if you can borrow a friend's iPad or iPhone. Try to add your Mac email account to that device. If it doesn't allow such, I would suggest taking any iOS device to a Genius Bar, and show them how you cannot add your .Mac email account to the device, and have them troubleshoot your iCloud email account. This way, you avoid taking a jailbroken iPhone to the Genius Bar, which they won't support. However, if the only place you are have trouble adding your .Mac email account to is your jailbroken iPhone 4, then it's likely leading to... yeah, wiping it clean.

    Now, does that mean you need to reinstall with a stock Apple iOS 4.33 or iOS 5.0.1 image onto your iPhone, and loose your 1.59.00 baseband? Likely not -- try first putting a custom 4.3.3 w/1.59.00 image on your iPhone 4. Then see if you can add your .Mac email account to it -- something tells me that should work fine. Then, if you want iOS 5x on your phone, build a custom 5.0.1 w/1.59.00 on your phone, and retest adding your .Mac email account to the phone. You can go back & forth between 4.33 and 5.0.1 for now, and see where the problem lies.

    I, like you, use my iPhone for business purposes, and hence value productivity and stability over cutting edge features... subsequently, I tend to use only jailbreak tweaks that are *proven* on that version of iOS... and now that Apple has stopped us from reinstalling older iOS 5.x versions via blobs, I find its even more important to walk slowly before installing the latest jailbreak tweak. For example, if you have iOS 5.0 on your iPhone, any restore you do tonight will require 5.0.1... but at least you can keep your 1.59.00 baseband. ;-)
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    You can downgrade to anything pre-iOS5 as long as you have the SHSH blobs, you just can't downgrade to 5.0 after you upgrade to 5.0.1. Any firmware that is iOS5+ you won't be able to downgrade to from now on.

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