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  1. Claust macrumors newbie

    Nov 21, 2012

    Have an ipad 2 which we all (2 adults and 2 children) use. I have my 4 email accounts and calendar setup, and my children each have a folder with their own games, most free, but some paid.

    Now i have bought 3 new ipads, and need to setup 1 for me and my wife, and one for each of the children.

    I know how to transfer the settings to our new ipad, but how do i move the apps i have paid for to the childrens ipads, and what is the best setup itunes account-wise? The children are 6 and 12 and are not allowed to buy apps themselves.
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    Jun 30, 2010
    It sounds like you purchased all of the apps with one Apple ID. To continue using those apps on the kids' iPads, you'll need to sign in with that Apple ID. Then, you can disable purchases on those devices from Settings>General>Restrictions>Installing Apps. Of course if they don't know your Apple ID's password, they wouldn't be able to install anything even without restrictions.

    If you want to continue sharing apps across all of the devices, including your wife's, you will want to use that same Apple ID on all the devices. I personally have my wife use her own Apple ID so it doesn't cause any confusion.

    I will say that if you or your wife plans on using iCloud, you may want to use different accounts there (you can still use the same Apple ID's for the App Store) or all of your stuff like Contacts, Reminders, Email, PhotoShare, Notes and iCloud storage space will be identical across you and your wife's iPads.

    My wife and I have separate iCloud accounts, but we still have a shared Calendar and shared Reminders that I set up on Just because you use 2 different iCloud accounts, doesn't mean you can share things between those 2 accounts.

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