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Oct 21, 2012
Capri - Italy
Very simple,

I set up a 2010 MacMini as a music server which I use to stream audio files to an external DAC, I would like to sync the folder where I store the music on the computer with another folder on an external disk just in case, not a backup, something which syncs origin and destination folders, if I add something to the computer folder it to be added to the external drive one and if something gets removed from the origin it gotta be removed off the destination too.

A while ago I used to use a software provided with LaCie products, such Intego backup manager but the release available on their support site only allows backups onto local machine storage devices and as such it won't work in my case, any idea what could I use to accomplish such an easy task?



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Jan 12, 2019
Sync Folders Pro is powerful and free. There's a Pro version that's pretty cheap too. There are more heavy weight and expensive solutions that will do this like ChronoSync or Carbon Copy but for your usecase I feel Sync Folders Pro would work well.
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