Need to transfer all iTunes contents from old HD to new computer

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by allaw, Feb 4, 2010.

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    My old XP PC just wouldn't start so I end up installing Win 7 on a new HDD. So now I am left with all my old files in the HDD now connected to my new Win 7 PC. Question is how do I transfer the iPhone app contents to the new PC. I have copied some folders from user\My Documents\My Music\iTunes to user\My Music\iTunes, but my iTunes 9.0.3 doesn't seem to recognize my apps under Mobile Applications.

    Can anyone tell me if Win 7 has a different folder location for iPhone apps? Everything else seems to be working fine. (music/video/podcast/itune store purchase) . I also need to know if this will affect all of my contacts/calendar/history on my phone?

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    Look for a folder named "Mobile Applications." Your apps are all there.

    As far as how you should transfer, do this, even though you didn't ask. Start iTunes by holding down shift while clicking on the iTunes shortcut. This should bring up a dialog box asking you to chose a library or create a new library. Click "choose library." That should open up the folder containing your iTunes library. Copy everything in that folder to another location. Make a note of the path to this folder.

    Copy back the iTunes library folder, to Windows 7 recreating the exact path you had before. Then run iTunes by doing the shift-click you did before, select "choose library," and point it to the library folder you just copied. You should now have your old iTunes back as if you'd never wiped it, with all your playlists and everything else intact. For this to work, you also need to put your music files in the exact same path they were in before.

    Another alternative is just to consolidate your library copy that over to iTunes and use your phone to transfer purchases (brings apps to iTunes from the iPhone).

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