Need to transfer ipod songs to newer macbook (?)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Greenone, May 4, 2011.

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    Hello -

    This should have been an easy google search but for some reason I'm having a hard time finding the exact directions that I need (or another person explaining their situation that is exactly the same as my situation).

    I have an ipod that's probably a classic (the first one that came out with video). I had an older Apple laptop (forget the exact name - one of the more "pro" type ones) and it died on me. At some point the HD contents were saved as much as they could be by the pros - then put on a new external HD - but they said they managed to save "most of it". Problem is - and this is embarrassing - I've never used it myself yet, or any other external HD - so I don't know how complicated THAT'S going to be! If someone here suggests I transfer the songs that way, I'd ask that you give precise directions for doing that, if you'd be so kind (!). The external HD I got is called the Western Digital My Book Studio II, if memory serves:

    So I got a Macbook Pro a couple of years ago (out of warrantee recently). I want to transfer my iPod tunes over to the newer laptop without having to order some software that will do it for me - UNLESS ordering and using the software is so much easier that it's really worth doing so.

    I'm hoping to find simple-enough directions for doing it some way other than using software or the external HD. If manual is the only way to go, how is that done, and is it very time-consuming or complicated? I've also read that I can do something called "deauthroizing" but I think that only pertains to songs bought from iTunes and not ones I've ripped myself. My library is maybe half ripped albums.

    Can anyone tell me HOW TO DO THIS PLEASE with detailed steps for dummies? ;) Which method is the easiest?!

    Thanks so much...
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