Need Urgent HELP! W/ 'Apple Backup' Restore Issue

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Achtung_U2, Mar 30, 2005.

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    Hey Everyone....

    This problem is with doing a 'restore' with Apple Backup.

    I really need your help on this problem, as I have exhausted all possible options that I am aware of with my Mac knowledge. I will try and explain this in a detailed manner.

    First, running 10.3.8, my Mac backs up each day at 3:30AM, so I have a backup from earlier this morning on one of the extra hard drives. Anyhow... earlier today, I went to restart the G4 & the window popped up (as usual) indicating that I should restore lost space in my home folder with file vault. No biggie, do this all the time, so I chose 'start now'. It was working for quite a while and then the machine froze up. When I restarted, all my preferences, ie; dock icons/settings, desktop picture, safari bookmarks, iTunes settings, and almost 2000 emails are all GONE from the Inbox and I need these.

    OK, so... I should be able to open backup and restore the needed files. I opened backup, it said that my catalog files were corrupted and that it would re-creat them and I need to go and re-set the 'backup to' destination. It also indicated that my data was there and safe. I verified this myself by looking in my backup folder on the other drive and it is there, intact from 3:40AM today.

    Once I navigated & chose the 'backup to' folder over again, I chose 'restore from drive'. Now a window pops up, it says:

    'Couldn't find local restore catalog. Internal error: no catalog file could be found on your hard disk.'

    FYI: I have loaded the Panther Install disk, repaired permissions, repaired the hard disk, restarted a few times, still not working right. I also tried to import my mail and everything came back except for what was in the inbox, which is what I really need. All my mp3's are intact in the home, music, itunes folder.

    Essentially, every program is acting as if I just installed a new system, all data and prefs are gone.

    Please help me out..... I am at a loss here. I can put back dock icons and desktop pics, but I need my Safari Bookmarks and all of my Inbox Mail.

    If theres any other info you need, please let me know. There has got to be some way to restore this backup or system directly.

    Thanks much, in advance. Im stayin up tonite to try and get this done with any help from here. I will check posts & private messages. My email is not working right now as all of the incoming & outgoing server settings are gone.

    Peace, Mark ~
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    if you can get a hold of another Mac, I'd try restoring that data to another Mac and see if it shows up. Then transfer the data from that Mac to your Mac with FireWire, Ethernet, or through Wireless.

    You may need to install the backup program on the other Mac. I haven't used Apple's Backup program in a while so I can't tell you that part for sure.

    On the other Mac, just create a temporary account and restore the data into that account if you're using someone else's Mac. Then when you're done, delete that account and your stuff will be gone from that Mac.

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