Neo Hybrid EX and Neo Hybrid


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May 15, 2012
I bought the Spigen Neo Hybrid case for my iPhone 6 plus and love it-- I almost got the metal one but I decided a didn't want hole in the back of my case, since the metal only comes with a hole-in-back option.

My question is if the metal ring around the Neo Hybrid EX Metal Bumper is compatible with the regular Neo Hybrid. I assumed it was but figured I would make sure.



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Mar 18, 2008
Does the metal effect the signal?
I have the Neo Hybrid Metal case for the iPhone 6, and really like it. It's thin and doesn't add a lot of bulk to the phone, and looks great. I've done some non-scientific comparing of wifi and cell strength/speed with and without the case, and the case does seem to reduce cell signal a little. I don't see 5 bars as much with it on as I do with it off. It doesn't seem to have any real effect on wifi reception or speed that I can tell. I've been alternating between this case and a Magpul. The Magpul is thicker and a little heavier, and has more grip, but it's not as classy-looking or nice-feeling as the Neo Hybrid Metal, unless you like the feel of fine sandpaper. The Neo Hybrid Metal gets lots of second looks from people, but they ignore the Magpul as just another case.