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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by OrganMusic, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Sep 21, 2008
    Longtime FCE user, new to FCPX. Done a bunch of searching and can't find the answer:

    Say I'm editing a video of a play. I've made a sync clip to match the audio and video. Brilliant.

    I put that sync clip (say it's 30 min long) into a project timeline and go to work chopping it up (cutting out scene changes, adding titles etc) so it's now in a bunch of pieces.

    Sometime later I decide something about the sync clip needs to be changed (globally adjusting the audio mix or color correction for the whole show, say). Changing the sync clip does not propagate down to the project timeline. How can I do this? The FCPX help file sure makes it look like editing the sync clip should also change all the child clips (the bits of sync clip on the project timeline)
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    Im not sure about moving the audio for sync (maybe I misunderstood that) but if the clips are all in one Compound clip you can apply any effect to that (not sure about sound Id have to check later).
    With all the clips cut up, you wish to have them all move in the same direction as far as the sync audio goes?
    as in earlier or later?
    was this off dialogue off-sync or bed track?
    maybe a screen shot of your workflow might help.
    you mention Compound in the title but didnt say that in the explanation.
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    Sep 21, 2008
    Hard to convey with a screen shot, I'll clarify my workflow:

    Have a long (say hour) clip of a performance, with synced audio. Call it clip A

    I put that clip on the project timeline and make cuts to it - fade in at the beginning, cut out bits in the middle etc. So now the project timeline is numerous bits of clip A.

    Say I now decide the audio needs to be boosted a bit and the white balance isn't quite right. Shouldn't I be able to just open clip A, make the changes and then find every instance of clip A on the on the project timeline changed?

    In the old days on FCE (and probably FCP7) I could put the video and audio on sequence A, then make a new sequence (Sequence B) with trimmings of Sequence A on it. Then if I need to adjust something about A globally I just open A and make the changes. These changes then fix everything on B.

    I'm sure FCPX can do this, I just need to learn how.
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    Jun 26, 2002
    In the primary you can select multiple clips (even its a single clip cut to numerous parts) and apply the same audio/video option in the Inspector panel.
    Now as far as making changes a duplicate Program that doesn't work since its only reference from the original source files.
    yes it would nice if you can make those changes to the original in the Event Library but that isn't so (unless someone else has figured this out).
    you can replace the clips with the newly edited one in the Event but your SOL if you've made numerous cuts.
    Your options for replace are limited in this workflow.
    however you can select a single edit clip in the Primary, then right-click and select Reveal in Event Browser, make your edits to the selected clip then drag and use Replace.
    But only beneficial if your working with a small amount of edits.
    It sounds like you did a lot.
    this is why its important to manage your footies in the Event browser before using them in the Primary Storyline.


    you can also create a Compound Clip and use that in multiple Projects.
    make changes to the Compound Clip within the Event Browser and it updates the ones in each Project.
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    Sep 21, 2008
    i'm not too far into it yet, so I was trying to get this sorted out. I just want to be able to make global adjustments to the source material that affect everywhere it's been used AFTER the timeline has been made up.

    Where it gets complicated is there are different camera angles from different performances each with their own audio (so can't use multicam). This was all pretty easy in FCE so I'm sure there's a way to do it in FCPX, I just need to learn.
  6. hsilver, Feb 1, 2014
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    Compound clips and 'nesting'

    This was true is pre 10.1 FCPX and may still be true. If you had made the previous sequence into compound clip in a duplicate project, it would copy changes back to original file(s). If you brought the compound clip into the viewer however and used it from there, it would not affect previous versions.

    ADDED: Looking at mbox's response. May have things reversed.

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