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Apr 12, 2001

Netatmo has announced that its Smart Indoor Camera now supports Apple's HomeKit Secure Video protocol.


The company revealed the news in a blog post on its website, explaining that the free software update would be rolling out to Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera owners in the coming days.
With HomeKit Secure Video, the videos recorded by security cameras are analysed locally on users' iPad, HomePod or Apple TV. The footage isencrypted end-to-end and securely stored in iCloud where no one can see them.

Thanks to the HomeKit Secure Video support, Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera users will be able to store their videos locally on the included microSD card free of charge and on their iCloud with select storage plans.

Users will benefit from 10-day automatic iCloud storage for their videos, and this will not affect their storage capacity. If they want to keep the videos, after these 10 days, they will be able to save them in their iCloud, which will count against their storage limit.
Through the Apple Home app, Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera users will be able to access their timeline and past events for 10 days, and set recording and notifications preferences.

Netatmo also said that its Smart Outdoor Camera will get HomeKit Secure Video support later this year.

Article Link: Netatmo Rolls Out HomeKit Secure Video Support to Smart Indoor Camera


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Feb 21, 2011
I will wait for a homekit secure comparison between this, circle, Eve Cam once it is released. Would like to see Eufy/Arlo jump aboard too. It’s going to be hard to know from amazon reviews since those will include non HomeKit problems.


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Nov 10, 2012
Enabled recording but it isn’t recording, no timeline. I have ATV4K as hub. Had the same problem with Circle 2 - seems like HomeKit Secure Video is still beta.
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