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Discussion in 'macOS' started by rikers_mailbox, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Can anyone confirm if this works ...

    Does Netflix Instant Streaming from a browser (Safari/Chrome) have AirPlay enabled? I'm looking for the audio signal only, not video.

    I'd like to watch Netflix on my MBP, but stream the movie audio to the Airport Express hooked into my home stereo.



    I've done some testing of my own. The answer to my original question is 'no'. Netflix on a browser does not support AirPlay. Only Netflix iApps have that feature.

    But now for some reason Netflix on my iPhone 4 is not sending audio via AirPlay to my Airport Express. Can't figure out what is wrong.

    AirPlay to the Express works fine when using the iPod app. And works on iTunes running on the desktop. Why doesn't Netflix iPhone 4 app detect the Express as an Airplay speaker destination?
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    AirPlay for OS X is rumored to come in 10.7 Lion.

    This will be added in iOS 4.3 if the devs decide to use the API.

    In the meantime, since all you want is audio you can double click the home button to get the multitasking bar then swipe right twice to get the system volume control. Tap on the AirPlay icon and select your Airport Express and you've got system wide audio streaming. Even games will stream their audio (with lag of course). Netflix syncs perfectly however.
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    That would be neat.

    Good suggestion, but I think you are talking about the iPad. No AirPlay icon in the system tray on the iPhone.

    However I noticed that the Netflix icon is in the system tray. (that spot is sometimes occupied by iPod or YouTube app icons, which do send audio over airplay for me).

    Yet the volume slider in Netflix doesn't show the airplay icon. :confused:

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    Netflix cannot do any form of Airplay because it doesn't use Apple's media player. It instead uses its only custom media player and it does not support Airplay at all, even on jailbroken iDevices.
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    Not True.
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    Wow, clueless. Airplay supports pretty much any audio from any iOS device. This includes audio from Netflix, Pandora, Last FM, Angry Birds, whatever. If the device can play the audio, it should be able to stream the audio. This works, but video syncing in an issue. There is latency in games and video. To play audio remotely from your MacBook you can use an app called Airfoil. It has it's own media player that syncs the audio and video when streaming. You can even use an iOS device as a remote speaker with the Airfoil app in the app store. This eliminates the need for the airport express. Haven't tested that with Netflix yet though.
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    Yes true, if you start almost any app with audio on an iDevice, double click the home button, swipe right to the music section, you can select the output to airplay, say like an ATV2 and the audio will go there and play. Same for iTunes on OSX, you can send any audio from iTunes, music, movies, etc to if Apple would only allow apps like Hulu Plus and Plex to airplay from OSX things would be pretty damn great!

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