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    I have a Netgear Ready NAS 104 external server on my iMac. I bought it a while ago as it was on sale and I can get to it on the iMac but I can't get it recognized with Disc Utility which is funny as I have my original SeaGate B/U which shows on the Disc Utility as the primary B/U for the iMac and it works like a charm. I have the NAS plugged in to the Airport Extreme router (older one) but no USB cable into the iMac. Do I need to connect the NAS to the iMac via USB or is the plug in to the router all I need?

    Also, the Seagate is partitioned for OS X and the NAS is not. I'm just a bit confused as I was going to let the NAS handle all the backups and loaded it with 8 TB's of discs (Also SeaGate but not partitioned for OS X) Is "Partitioned" the correct term? Still confused.
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    Disk utility will not recognize individual drives in a NAS appliance. You need to manage the appliance via the Netgear admin web page, using your browser to log into the appliance. You will format your drives with the Netgear admin page (this will erase everything on the drive) and create volumes to present on the network for shared use. The USB port on the NAS appliance is to plug more drives or cameras into, not for connection to a computer or airport. The NAS is connected via ethernet.

    You may be confusing DAS (drives attached to the computer) to NAS which are drives in a network appliance. NAS appliances use their own OS and disk format, and present these drives to network computers. You could use disk utility to create a disk image on a NAS presented volume. Disk utility will see and manage it.... but that is far from what you are trying to do.

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