NetRestore (By Mike Bombich) Source Code - Does anyone still have it?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by tylamb19, Jan 25, 2015.

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    Dec 27, 2014
    Now, before anyone goes crazy, I know NetRestore has been EOL'd for a while now and people might not even want to deal with questions about the program any more, but I have dabbled with DeployStudio when NetRestore was first EOL'd and it is nowhere as simple and straightforward to set up and use as NetRestore, so we stuck with NetRestore. NetRestore works much better for me than any other deployment solution that I have ever tried.

    With that our of the way, if anyone still has the source code for NetRestore tucked away on a computer somewhere, could you possibly send it to me?

    The reason I ask this is that when restoring machines with a NetInstall-Restore set that was created by NRH, I get what I like to call phantom errors. A dialog box comes up after the restore completes saying that "An error occurred that caused asr to fail;" however the log file states "Restore Operation Complete!" and the computer, when restarted, will start up to the hard drive and will function normally. We image our PowerPC machines to OS X 10.4.11, so we use NetRestore 3.3.6. This problem has gone on for a while now, but since it doesn't actually harm anything, I haven't really done anything about it, but it has been annoying myself and all of the people using the imaging system for the longest time, so I think If I get a look at the source, I might be able to fix my issues and make everyone a little less annoyed.

    If it means anything, I host the NetRestore Set on an Intel Xserve (Early '08, 2x 2.8GHz) and clients restore the DMG over AFP, hopefully I can implement multicast ASR in the future if my network admin will let me use it.

    I know that this is a longshot, but it's worth it if someone somewhere still has the source.

    Thanks for any help that you can provide.
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    Jun 8, 2007
    Archives, and reportedly no need for source code*/

    I don't know about source code but you You can still download (at least) version 3.4 from a January 2009 archive.

    NetInstall, NetRestore, etc. (2004-04-30) states:

    "… You don't even need access to the source code because I make a great effort to ensure that every dialog that is presented to a user is localizable via a Localized.strings file or via the NIB files. …"​
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    Re: Archives, and reportedly no need for source code

    I have re-downloaded 3.3.6 to see if it is an issue with my NBI. I will give the Localized.strings file a look and get customizing. I'll see what I can find and report back...

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