NetRestore from Local Drive? + Packages

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    Hopefully some of you guys know the answer to this.

    I'm looking to build a 'master image' of sorts with all the OSX essentials installed that I roll out on systems for clients. What differs is that I do these systems to order rather than across a network, but most of the tools are still useful.

    I plan to set up one mac, create a CCC or SuperDuper! clone of the setup image once done. Create Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 bootcamps, create a package installer for these images with Winclone 4 and then finally in SUI create a bootable NetRestore image which is the system will all the apps rolled out, the package for installing the Windows clone and a an optional package for 3 apps which can be copied to the applications folder if required.

    I was hoping that id be able to make this image and have the Windows 7/8.1 and extra packages optional extras which can be selected or not as part of the Restore - there doesn't' seem to be images on this anywhere online, but presumably if you untick default and leave "visible" selected they come up in the options during the restore correct?

    Secondly I don't really want to do this over a network due to the speed, I want to host the image on an external raid thunderbolt drive and boot from it - will the Mac book from this image when connected locally and perform the restore or does it have to be hosted over netboot to work?
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    You could boot from your image on the external drive and clone it back to the local drive with CarbonCopyCloner.

    Although it sounds to me your ideal solution may be some combo of DeployStudio and Munki, even though those would be network based.

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