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    I need a sub-$500 NAS solution for my home network and have recently been looking for the perfect solution. I need at least 200GB of usable storage space, RAID 1 is a MUST, Gigabit Ethernet and encryption would be nice, etc. Does anyone have any advice on this?

    I was just going to get a reByte ( card and put it in an old machine with a couple drives. However, after looking around on the net for home-network NAS appliances and seeing the features they offer I think I'll just buy one.

    Here are some useful links I found:

    Broadcom BCM4780 NASoC:
    -- Powers both the Maxtor Shared Storage ( and the SimpleTech SimpleShare (
    -- Includes features such as RAID 1/0, encryption, etc.
    -- Also has USB 2 for printer sharing or to make the NAS drive function as a direct-attached-storage device.

    StorLink Semiconductor:
    -- RAID
    -- Encryption
    -- VPN
    -- Modem port
    -- etc.

    Jungo: (working with StorLink to create reference design for OEMs)

    TWiki: NAS Appliances for SOHO Use under US$1000

    I emailed SimpleTech and they say that their drive does do RAID 1 & 0 and also supports the encryption feature. The form factor of their enclosure does not currently hold multiple drives, thus the RAID must be done on the USB ports externally. I might get one of these and try to put the guts in a new box with two drives on the internal IDE bus.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share the info.

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