Network Connection Between MacBook Pro and Mac Mini Unstable. Help?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by benjamin937, Feb 23, 2015.

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    Apr 5, 2014
    I have two Apple computers on my network: a Mid 2012 MBP, and a Late 2012 Mac Mini. Both are running the latest release of OS X.

    The Mini is running Server, and has 3 external HDDs connected: 1 TM for itself, 1TM for the MBP, and 1 drive for additional storage. Server is basically configured for file sharing and Time Machine only and is not running any other services.

    The Mini is connected via Ethernet into the router (with a switch in-between), the MBP is connected via wifi.

    I have them both set for static IPs in the router.

    I’m experiencing an issue where after an unknown period of time the MBP ceases to be properly connected to the Mini over the network. In Finder under Shared in the sidebar the Mini disappears, or alternately remains viewable, but says “Connection Failed”. In that case when I click “Connect As” the button does nothing (There seems to be a flicker of come status other than Connection Failed, but it happens so fast I can’t see what it is). once this happens the TM stops backing up because it can’t find the disk. I can still connect directly by hitting apple-K and typing in the IP via SMB or VNC. If I reboot the MBP the problem persists. If I reboot the Mini it usually resolves the issue, but sometimes it requires me to reboot BOTH computers before everything is resolved. Even after a reboot clicking on the Mini from Shared in Finder will result in a Connection Failed until I go into a folder and come back out.

    Anyone have a clue what is going on? I can get things to work by rebooting both systems every few days… but that really defeats the purpose of having a server. I also use the Mini as a HTPC, but that really shouldn’t interfere, and mostly the disconnect seems to happen when I’m not actively using it.

    My goal would be to have this “Just Work”, which is what I’d become accustomed to with Apple products up until this little adventure.
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    One thing that occurs to me is the mini might be falling asleep. I would take a look at power settings in system preferences on the mini and see if there are any settings to let the mini go to sleep when it thinks it's not being used.
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    Mine behave similarly. I have a similar setup - 2012 MBP and late-2012 Mini but I don't have server on my Mini. I could go a week of perfectly fine connectivity between them then one day I can't connect. When I click on the Mini on the side bar I get "Could not connect, the original object could not be found". If I try to connect using Finder Go > Connect to Folder it connects.

    My Mini has a single 4-bay USB 3.0 drive box connected rather than multiple enclosures. My mini is set to NEVER go to sleep, unless the UPS tells it the power went out then it goes to sleep after 10-15 minutes.
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    Apr 5, 2014
    The Mini is set to never go to sleep, never display sleep, never put HDDs to sleep.

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