Network connection fixed in 4.3.5 update??

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    I am running 4.3.3 on my AT&T iPhone4 and I was hearing bad things about 4.3.4. From what I was finding from other users is they where having problems connecting to a network. Is that problem fixed with the newest update, 4.3.5?? I feel like apple is coming with updates every 4 days and am starting to think it is not worth it.

    I am not a programmer, developer, or know anything about software so yah I am clueless. So apple is clamming these updates are fixing some security problems, like what? I am not a CEO or anything big, I am just a college medical student. What kind of security fixes or problem do I have if I don’t keep up with the thousands of updates they keep coming out with? The only “security” problem apple is having is people are jail breaking their phone and they don’t like that. Am I wrong in my assumption or is my phone really that much of a security risk to something unknown to me?
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    ^ None of the three iPhones in my household (all of which have the latest iOS version, 4.3.5) can gain access to my home Wi-Fi network (2nd generation time capsule) despite the fact that neither my iMac nor my iPad have difficulty in gaining such access. The Apple discussion fora (a link for a specific forum is listed below) are replete with references to this issue and the solutions seem to work for some people and not for others. This obviously is a very frustrating situation and one with which I hope Apple deals immediately.
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    They are just releasing new updates to break the jailbreaks.. :)
    Btw what year u in? Even I study med :p
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    I have updated to 4.3.5 and have no issues connecting to my network , home broadband or the free wifi access in retail outlets.

    The updates are security fixes that help keep connections to sites such as internet banking safe.

    Also keeps those jailbreaking boys on their toes !! Lol.

    Bring on ios 5....
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    I am a first year FNP/PA, coming from paramedics. It is only a two year program. Once I get my BS, I'm thinking of getting my PhD. But we will see if I'm over school once I am out of this program.

    What year are you??

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