Network Connection shows as working, but isn't actually working

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  1. one.benji macrumors newbie

    Apr 28, 2008
    Hi guys.

    I have a iPhone unlocked in Australia, it has been working fine since I got in New York in November 2007. I have been using the phone on Vodafone for all that time.

    Just one day ago, the iPhone stopped working (just the phone function), it appears as if the iPhone cannot connect with the carrier AT ALL, even though it will show full reception. It won't receive or make calls, or deal with SMS.

    Every other function on the phone is working fine, it's essentially a iPod Touch at this point, (a thicker one at that!)

    I have restored, rebooted, gone backwards and forwards with firmware and sim unlocks, its all fine, its 'activated' , unlocked and jailbroken, but it just won't move past this problem.

    The sim card is working fine in a sony phone, and I have tried other sim cards in the iphone and the same issue still persists.

    The iPhone seems to have developed this problem in normal operating conditions, the only thing that flags in my mind is that the phone was in a non- reception area for a day (will show as 'no service') and now in a full reception area, it has never really gotten out of it (it does show reception as stated above).

    So I was wondering if other people out there have had the same issue occur and what your experience in rectifying the problem was. Being in Australia, I doubt Apple out here will do much to help me, but would like to hear of any similar issues.


    Benji :)
  2. zmit macrumors regular

    Apr 12, 2008
    (had a suggestion but just re-read your post)
    what do you mean by normal operating conditions? does it work at all? ever?

    I guess the worst case scenario that comes to mind is the IMEI has been blocked. but of course thats an extreme measure.
    Im in Australia and waiting on my iphone too. will be using it on Vodafone.
  3. one.benji thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 28, 2008
    Not working.

    Yeah, it was working since November, but now, since the weekend, it picks up the signal, but it just will not communicate with Vodafone or any other carriers SIM card I try. Hasn't changed from this since then. Now using old 'standard' phone, sucks.....

    Thanks for the suggestion on the IMEI, I will change that with independence and see how that goes.



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