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    We have 2x macbook pros, Time Capsule and and external HD (hooked up to Time Capsule.

    The ext HD is getting full, only 300G. Should I get a 1TB ext HD and transfer the data from the 300G to a 1TB simply making the 300G redundant (is this poss, if so how) - or, get a 1TB and partition it for a) more space and b) to clone and copy the other partition(s).

    I must admit, i bought the TC on a whim, not sure what protection in can/does offer me and find the network scenario daunting :eek:
    Thanks for any assistance given
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    What are you using the 300GB HDD for, just regular file storage or for a Time Machine (or other backup software) backups?

    I have to assume that you're using the Time Capsule for backups since that is what it is for.

    I'm not exactly sure what your goals are, but if the 300GB is just for regular storage and the new 1TB HDD is for regular storage as well, I would say that:

    A. Just keep using the 300GB HDD for storage as you do now and then add the 1TB HDD as another storage drive effectively creating 1.3TB of storage.

    B. Transfer the 300GB of data to the 1TB HDD leaving 700GB free to add more data.

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