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    Feb 5, 2005
    I have about three hundred dollars to spend on a network hard drive to keep videos and music on. I don't want to get a USB/Firewire hard drive because I have a lack of desk space.

    Is this lacie one a good option. Click Here

    What I'm unsure about is, can you upload onto this hard drive while plugged into the network. That seems to be the problem with other hard drives. You have to plug in through USB or Firewire and then upload.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good option. Or is this Lacie my best option.
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    Oct 11, 2004
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    LaCie isn't the only option.
    Similar drives are made by Buffalo and Linksys. We carry the Tritton NAS product line.

    The answer about uploading is yes; you can read and write to the drive as if it was a Firewire drive, except its attached via the Ethernet network. (You can't boot from it of course) Because it is a small fileserver (running a Linux variant) many users can share it. These are a good solution for a small network for backups and for filesharing between machines.

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    That should work and since it has a web based admin panel, you shouldn't have to ever directly connect it to your machine.

    In fact, you can look into almost any NAS (Network Attached Storage) device and they should have similar features. Although that one has a very decent price.

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