Network Help: Can I use Wireless and Wired Networking at the same time?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by rdyornot, Nov 3, 2013.

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    Please bear with me, I am very new to networking but learning - I did my best to explain my network setup and the problem i'm having, if I've left anything out or you need extra info please let me know - and thank you for taking the time to read this and help!

    The Network:

    Location 1: Airport Extreme wifi router is connected to a dsl modem and one computer both with Ethernet cables.

    Location 2: Three computers (1 windows 2 macs) are on the wireless network.
    There is also a network printer (HP LaserJet) and NAS drive (WD MyBook Live) that only have wired connections available.

    It is NOT currently possible to run a cable between locations 1 and 2 or move devices between locations

    I installed a network switch, assigned static ip addresses to all Loc 2 devices and connected them with Ethernet cables.

    When windows 7 detected the two connections - wired and wireless - I got a popup message suggesting I bridge them, so I did, and everything seems to work fine: I can connect to the internet and all devices.

    In OSX I have 2 Network services: Ethernet and Wi-Fi, both show as connected. Ethernet is listed first.

    The problem:
    This is a bit difficult to explain, because it seems to change.

    Sometimes - I can connect to the internet OR the wired devices, but not both, unless I disable the other network service or change the network service order in the control panel. As I type this, this is not what is happening, but has been the problem up to now.

    Now - I can connect to all devices, but file transfer to/from the NAS is very slow (compared to the windows pc).

    route get [NAS ip] returns this:
    route to:
    interface: en1 (This is the WIFI service!)
    If I disable the wifi connection, OSX will connect to the device over the Ethernet cable.

    The Questions:
    • How do I fix this?
    • Why is OSX using wifi to connect to the NAS rather than the Ethernet? How is this even possible?!
    • What is the proper way to set up OSX to use the wireless Ethernet connection along side the wired network so I can access everything at once?

    I ran route get on the second mac and found out it does the same thing - but in it's case, the connection always used is en0 - even when connecting to the wireless router or an internet site, so perhaps this is not a good tool to use?

    But there is a speed difference (as one would expect) the mac-mini copies 4 GB over en0 in about 2 minutes, the MacBook-pro takes 25 minutes over en1 for the same files - so something is still clearly wrong. The network settings for both computers is (apparently) the same, including network service order.

    I also tried deleting the network services, creating a new location on the MacBook-pro and re-creating them, but this had no effect.
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    (NB : I am not a network specialist).

    I don't see any reason why your current setup would not work.

    I don't understand how the Mac could connect to the NAS via en1...

    May be another setup could be :

    In Location 2, install an access point in client mode connected to the wireless network.
    Connect it via Ethernet to the network switch.

    Disable the wifi on all 3 computers in location 2.

    (would need to change the IP adresses so that all the devices in location 1 and location 2 are in the same IP range...)
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    Sep 15, 2007

    Thanks for the reply.

    I considered the solution you are suggesting, but I'm reluctant for two reasons:

    • I am hesitant to solve what should be a software setting / configuration problem by adding new hardware.
    • I just bought the NAS drive, switch etc., and would like to avoid spending more money on this if possible.
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    I was under the impression you could setup a Virtual Bridge interface on the Mac between WiFi and Ethernet.

    I tried this myself, after setting it up the Mac would not get an IP from or recognize the WiFi network any longer. So that wouldn't work.

    I'm under the impression that since a Windows machine is both attached to the same switch via Ethernet and has that connection bridged to its WiFi, as long as that Windows computer is running everything wired to the switch should be attached to the rest of the network using the PC's WiFi?

    If that's the case couldn't you turn off the Mac's WiFi and use Ethernet only?

    Or am I missing something?

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