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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by TheBearman, Dec 13, 2015.

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    I'm on my last nerve over this issue and simply haven't found the cause. It's driving me nuts and I'm hoping someone here can give me some guidance.

    First, the items on my network haven't changed in well over a year. By that I'm referring to the connected systems which includes:

    MacBook Pro Retina
    MacBook Air
    iMac 27" 5k
    iPad Air 2
    iPhone 6
    2 Apple TVs

    All of these are wirelessly connected through a Time Capsule (new version), plus I have a printer, NAS and Tivo hardwired to the network.

    A month ago I switched from DSL to TW high speed (yes a big jump up in speed).

    Because of the location of the cable I needed to add an AirPort Extreme and switch the Time Capsule to a network extender.

    So the problem, at least once a day (sometimes as many as 3 times a day) I need to restart the AirPort so my Macs can connect (all 3) after they have been through a sleep cycle. The iPad and iPhone don't seem to have a problem. My guess is because they maintain a constant connection they're not effected. I also noted that the range extender loses it's connection as well. My first though was there may be a problem with the new AirPort so I reset my Time Capsule and ran without a range extender, basically the same setup that worked without issue under DSL.

    The TWC modem is a DVW32C1 from Ubee. I don't know if there is something I need to change in the modem or within the AirPort or Time Capsule. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this? When everything is up and running I get fantastic performance, it's just frustrating that I need to cycle my router on a regular basis.

    BTW, the Macs can't find the router attached to the modem when this problem is occurring but the iPhone and iPad seem to have zero issues accessing this access point and the network.

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