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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by derajfast, Mar 13, 2006.

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    Ok so I sold this one computer in my house, and deleted the hard drive and everything. It was wired, not wireless, and was on my homes part wireless, part wired network. There are 3 computers downstairs (imac, PC and PC). The iMac is wireless, and so is the laptop, and the other PC was wired. When I deleted the hard drive from the PC upstairs, that was also wired, I cannot access the network anymore and couldnt when that computer was off. So I plugged in the computer from downstairs that was wired, into my room, which is also wired. But now that computer can't connect to the internet, even though it is wired, as was the last one in my room. How can I get this network back up? Did I just completely mess up the network by taking that computer off it? Shouldn't it not matter because I just replaced it with another computer that is wired, and is a PC?
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    jeepers. return key. find it, use it.

    as to the network - is it possible you had the (now missing) PC set as a proxy, or Windows master browser?

    Can you check the router config by browsing to it (usually or similar)? Does the Airport Status show a connection?

    Can the any computer still connect or is everything dead?

    As a last resort (so long as you know your ISP details - login name password, DNS server etc to re-configure it) you can hard-reset your router, usually be holding down a recessed button until it flashes. Then, using a wired connection, set it up again using the defaults and go from there. What router is it?

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