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Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by Tech198, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Hi all..

    How do do you have network shares on your desktop ?

    I need to first, connect to server, and than drag "alais" of folder/file whatever to desktop, but that's cumbersome as I would rather mount drive to desktop instead of either lots of alises for folders, or just one main folder (which would also include files you may not want to share in the first place)

    can this be done ?

    "Connected Servers" cheked in Finder Preferences does not help.

    Also, how do you "force" un-mount a network .

    In finder i accidendly went into a folder i don't have permission on to read/write.

    The problem is Finder keeps trying for a long time/or indefinate, till you either disable file sharing on server, or restart...

    Is there a easy way ? I tried from terminal, but I can't fin the Process id from Activity Monitor..... Thus, also a problem to, since you can't "Not update' the list.. Confuses the hell out of me since i can never keep up with anything.
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    What I do is easy, not complicated and somewhat easily.

    1) Quit all running Application windows until you see the menu item 'Finder' in the menu bar.

    2) When Finder is visible in menu bar click on the word 'Finder' and select 'Preferences'. The mini menu will pop-out put a checkmark in the box for the things you want to see in the Finder.

    3) I use the Finder menu item 'Go' and use the "Connect to Server" to mount the share. Then I went into my Documents folder and created and new folder in my Documents for "Networked Shares" and then dragged that older to the right side of my Dock.

    4) Then I drag the connect, mount share to that Dock Folder hence creating an "alias" to that share. Once I am done with that share I eject the share.

    Now if I ever want to con next to that share I just click on it's alias in the Dock folder. Now with many shares I rarely use 'Connect to Share' anymore onto my regular network.

    Now if you really think about it i never have to add a sure to my Laptop startup, especially if I am on a different wireless network. So when i back on the shared network i just click on the Dock folder share alias. If i save the network password in my KeyChain application (/YourHardDrive/Applications/Utilities/keyChain it just mounts the share.

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